As part of UNESCO’s program, the Man and the Mountain Biosphere, the Velebit Mountain was included in the World Biosphere Reserve Network in 1978. Three years later, the entire Velebit became a park of nature. Within him are two national parks – in the south is the National Park Paklenica, proclaimed in 1949, and in the northern part of the National Park North Velebit, proclaimed half a century later.

North Velebit, founded in 1999, is the youngest of the eight national parks in Croatia. This area of ​​Velebit is a true mosaic composed of the most diverse habitats that are home to many plant, fungal and animal species whose wealth are just beginning to be discovered. It is precisely this diversity of karstic forms, the vibrant world and landscape, which was largely created by man, was the reason for the proclamation of the National Park North Velebit.